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Altoona, IA 2019/03/16

Was time again for the Spring arcade auction in Des Moines. Temperatures were pleasant outside but the prices were red hot at Adventureland. Machines ranged from a working Pong clone (Red Baron TV Football) all the way up through a brand new Munsters Pro pinball, still in its crate. The crowd was average-sized but had deep pockets as can be seen from the auction results. If this trend continues, there should be plenty more excellent pieces at the fall sale, Saturday, November 30th, 2019.

Altoona, IA 2018/11/24

The post-Thanksgiving Des Moines auction returned to Adventureland once again this year. Walter Day of Twin Galaxies fame was on-site during the preview period and was officially introduced at the start of the event. The sale featured some rarely seen dedicated cabaret machines, several other classics, an incredible number of pinball machines and even three pins still in their crates! Prices seemed average for the current market but the bids went high, arguably, for the highly sought-after pieces. Guessing a crowd of around 300 attended, keeping the aisles between machines very tight at times. Check out the bids and pictures in the auction database section. The next sale should be sometime around Easter 2019.

Altoona, IA 2018/03/31

This was a surprisingly small Spring auction. Very few redemption pieces and not a single jukebox. Still, a pretty good crowd despite being the day before Easter. Prices seemed a little higher than usual for videogames but that could have been due to the smaller quantites available. The auction completed in just under 3 hours. Check out the results. The next auction should be the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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