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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Location: Adventureland Park, Adventureland Palace Theater, 305 34th Ave NW, Altoona, Iowa
Preview: 8AM; Auction: 10AM
Terms - Buyers: 10.00% premium + 3.00% credit surcharge + 7.000% sales tax ; Sellers: $10 entry, 10.00% commission, $10 buy back

Previous Auctions

Altoona, IA 2017/11/25

This event marked the 30th anniversary of Tom Rhodes hosting amusement auctions in the Des Moines area. The large event room at Adventureland was absolutely packed full of machines, sometimes making it nearly impossible to move around between the crowd and the over 500 lots for sale. Luckily, the live video and monitors helped everyone get a glimpse of what was currently being sold. The good-sized assortment of modern pins reeled in some record high bids. Video games were the dominant items as usual, mostly '90s and '00s varieties, but a handful of very nice '80s classics were also available. Probably missed the last 50 items since the sale lasted so long (and I hadn't had lunch). Check out the auction results. No confirmed date on the next sale, but probably look for another event sometime in March, 2018.

Altoona, IA 2017/03/18

This may have been a mild winter day, but some of game prices at this sale were white hot. Many pristine classics from the early 1980's were available and it was obvious that these items were in high demand, despite the crowd being a bit smaller. Browse the auction results for a glimpse of the day's transactions. The next Des Moines sale was announced as being the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 11/25/2017, at the same location.

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